Open-source Textbooks

Avoin Matematiikka” follow the Finnish secondary school curriculum and consists of ten open-course math textbooks, which I have made with mrs Tiina Härkönen. The textbooks are published with CC-BY license and made for flipped learning. Everyone can load, use and edit books for free. The material is available as pdf and word documents as well as the interactive OnEdu learning material. Teachers can edit and enrich the interactive learning materials by adding videos, learning paths, level test and discussions for example. The students also have possibility to make the math books of their own and take those books with them to the next school level. 

The textbooks consist of over 4000 math exercises and as a total of 1600 pages of texts. I offer you the opportunity to use math textbooks based on Finnish curriculum as a ground of your own learning materials. Make them better and enjoy the possibility to offer your students the most suitable textbooks for your way of teaching.

CC-BY licence lets you distribute and build upon our textbooks, even commercially, as long as you credit Marika Toivola and Tiina Härkönen for the original creation. More about the open-source textbooks you can read (in Finnish) from and 

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