Open-source Textbooks 

Avoin Matematiikka” follow the Finnish secondary school curriculum and consists of ten open-course math textbooks, which I have made with mrs Tiina Härkönen. The textbooks are published with CC-BY license and made for flipped learning. Everyone can load, use and edit books for free. The material is available as pdf and word documents as well as the interactive OnEdu learning material. Teachers can edit and enrich the interactive learning materials by adding videos, learning paths, level test and discussions for example. The students also have possibility to make the math books of their own and take those books with them to the next school level. 

The textbooks consist of over 4000 math exercises and as a total of 1600 pages of texts. I offer you the opportunity to use math textbooks based on Finnish curriculum as a ground of your own learning materials. Make them better and enjoy the possibility to offer your students the most suitable textbooks for your way of teaching.

CC-BY licence lets you distribute and build upon our textbooks, even commercially, as long as you credit Marika Toivola and Tiina Härkönen for the original creation. More about the open-source textbooks you can read (in Finnish) from and


The Project NEXT – From Best to Next Practices in Flipped Learning is funded by Nordplus Junior. The focus will be to create an active expert network of teachers in the partner countries practising flipped learning in and as a part of their educational contexts, specifically by highlighting best practice initiatives.

Flipped Learning has for the past few years been a revelation in the traditional school system, especially when dealing with equal opportunities to learning by bridging both time-issues, distances and learning disabilities. Numerous initiatives have been taking place all around the world, most noticeable in the United States, but mainly the changes have been on the individual or local level.
The goal is to provide teachers with a peer platform to share experiences, best practices, use of applications and teaching methods, as well as sharing results of research on the subject of Flipped Learning. The network should be available at all educational levels, whereas the focus is on methodology and use of technology and teaching methods, rather than course content.
The project is funded by Nordplus Junior and will run for a total of 12 months, from August 2016 to August 2017. During the project lifetime a series of regional, national and international workshops will be arranged and carried out in the partnership countries. Partners involve Keilir Academy in Iceland, University of Turku in Finland, University of Tallinn in Estonia and University College South-Denmark.
For more information please visit the project website. If you want to be part of Nordic Flipped Learning network contact Marika Toivola via
Nordplus Junior